Alaskan Thunder Fuck


Bud Size: Big Pieces
Texture: Normal
Flavour: Sweet, Berry, Tropical

THC Content – 27.0% Highest Test
Common Usage – Pain, Loss of Appetite, Depression
Effects – Euphoria, Relax, Sedated

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Buy alaskan thunder fuck. This strain probably isn’t the most pleasantly fragrant of them all, but it does its job well. Alaskan Thunder fuck smells like diesel and skunk, mixed with a hint of sweetness. Some say this strain smells like cat piss, but it might best be described as pungent and earthy, with a bit of a pine-scent reminiscent of the North American forest land.


When smoked, this bud truly represents many flavors. Alaskan Thunder fuck tastes a bit the way it smell, except better. A sweet and pungent cloud will hang in the air smelling like spicy bananas and it’s sweet earthiness will linger on your tongue. A hint of citrus and oranges can also be detected in this special sativa.

The Alaskan Thunder fuck (ATF) moniker attached to this strain is just one alias of many that it goes by. Alaskan Thunderfuck, though recognized as one of the most memorable names in cannabis history. Also is actually a generic name for an old, mysterious hybrid strain that was originally known as Matanuska Thunder fuckMore recently to give the strain a more “PC” spin, it has been dub Matanuska Tundra, and if you happen to be in Alaska and want to come off like a local, just ask for Thunder. ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK

ATF has enjoyed a long and storied history. The strain first appeared on the cannabis radar back in the mid 1970s when High Times did a feature story on the strain following a landmark court decision that essentially legalized marijuana possession for small amounts within the state. Originally, this strain was as close as you’re going to get to a true sativa, but a few years after its conception, the strain had Afghani genetics bred in for increased heartiness. For most of the 1980s, ATF had to remain underground due to constant DEA raids and was even rumored to be protected by the Hells Angels during this period. ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK

The sativa dominance of this strain is apparent in its looks and effects, however the exact sativa genetics are shrouded in mystery. The only part of that lineage that can be agree upon is that the sativa parent hails somewhere from the Northern California region.

Looks and Smell

The ATF strain is definitely one of those that gets your attention off of bag appeal. The green colorations run the spectrum from army green to patches of bright, neon green with a few light, orange hairs here and there. ATF really reacts to a cold climate, bringing out dark purple hues that add to the already amazing aesthetics. The buds have that super frosty, dipped-in-sugar look that everyone appreciates. It’s simply a gorgeous strain to gaze upon. ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK

Not wanting to be upstage, the smell of ATF is also amazing. But before you break up those nugs, make sure you have a tray to collect all those lovely crystals. The aroma is powerful and fills up space quickly. Hence bombarding your nostrils with varying degrees of pine, earth, citrus, skunk, and floral notes. ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK

The Smoke

ATF is known in the most part for its sativa effects, which can be describe as uplifting and energetic. The strain is probably best utilize as a daytime option. The incredible potency this strain can possess is not immediately apparent. Giving ATF the reputation as a creeper that gradually builds on itself until you’re in an intense. Long-lasting cerebral trip that also brings physical relaxation along for the ride. The smoke from ATF is smooth and delicious and somehow manages to coat your throat instantly, protecting it from any harshness the strain might generate. There is also a distinct Jack Herer-like sweetness going on here. And I would bet somewhere down the line, they share some genetics. ALASKAN THUNDER FUCK

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