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Buy mackenzie medicinals online. tincture, made with the whole plant CBD, can also be suitable for both dogs and cats.

This tincture could be used to treat arthritis, anxiety, pain, seizures and are particularly soothing for older animals who are suffering from the effects of aging—lameness, hip dysplasia, sleeping problems, low energy, and more.

With a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, this tincture ensures your pet will medically benefit without the psychoactive experience.

They also work well when there are issue with taking medicine orally such as nausea and vomiting.
Instructions: Also, Refrigerate the suppository to keep it firm. (Do not freeze). Hence, Wash your hands thoroughly. Using scissors, cut the suppository from the mold.

Lie down on your side with on leg pulled up to your chest. So, Insert the suppository lengthwise. Remain lying on your side for several minutes to allow the suppository to diffuse through the rectum.

Mackenzie Medicinals Topical Oil is a cannabis-infused topical item offered by Cornerstone Research Collective located in Los Angeles, CA 90041.

You can place your order online and we will send your order details to Cornerstone Research Collective for processing. Cornerstone Research Collective does not currently accept local delivery and does not ship Mackenzie Medicinals Topical Oil.

So if you would like to order Mackenzie Medicinals Topical Oil from Cornerstone Research Collective


Mackenzie Medicinals blossomed into existence because of a skin cancer diagnosis. Seeking a less invasive cure than surgery, he decided to treat it himself with cannabis oil.

Fueled by his lifelong interest in shamanism, ethnobotany, and alternative medicines, William researched and fell in love with this amazing plant. Soon he was making medicines for family and friends.

He created our topical oil for a family member to help ease the pain of fibromyalgia. Running and cycling friends successfully treated their sports injuries with it—pulled muscles, joint pain, and sprains. When Oreo, our 14 year-old Terrier developed arthritis, Pet CBD and our CBD dog treats were born.

We use only organic ingredients and make all our medicines like we would take them ourselves. Because we do.


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