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Buy northern lights online. Northern Lights wouldn’t have her legendary status if it wasn’t for the incredible mind and body experience she induces, thanks to her true Afghani indica roots. With 18% THC, she is not overwhelmingly strong, but potent enough that she relaxes you from head to toe. Her effect isn’t just deeply relaxing, it will also give you a nice bout of euphoria, which makes her a great herb for stress relief. No wonder she’s still a favourite among indica lovers everywhere!
What’s more, her balanced effect can also provide good therapeutic potential for medicinal users. Northern Lights can help with pain relief, soothing sore muscles, and offering relief from insomnia. With her relaxing, happy effect she’s also an excellent smoke that can help with anxiety and other mood disorders.
Smoking Northern Lights isn’t just a great experience thanks to the strain’s superb indica effect. Her flavour is equally top-notch and won’t disappoint even very spoiled cannabis connoisseurs. She blends earthy flavours with notes of pine and delicious sweetness for that awesome old-school flavour that has become quite rare to find these days.

Other Features Include :

  • It is more indica dominant with a 65%
  • It is hairy and has a slight dark green texture
  • Its mysterious origins give it a unique view especially in Europe and Amsterdam
  • The buds are really tight
  • Medical use is for chronic pain curing and  stress reduction
  • Hash flavour and honey pine sweet
  • Has a Score of 91.3% Strain review from Sensi Seeds

Another indica strain that has been perfected by the talented team over at Sensi Seeds in Holland, not many strains are as well-regarded and as famous the legendary Northern Lights strain. Northern Lights is ideal for the treatment of aches and pains, insomnia, lack of appetite and general stress.

Northern Lights is an indica strain that appealing to almost all five senses. Although these visually-striking buds are medium in size, they are tight and dense in structure. These crystal-coated buds are absolutely blanketed by large clusters of THC trichomes. Underneath the curtain of THC, the Northern Lights strain possesses forest green buds with flashes of a rich purple hue throughout.

Buy Northern Lights Online

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