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Buy POP Naturals Cannabis Oil Cartridges

Buy POP Naturals Cannabis Oil Cartridges (prefilled) Pen

Pure, Unaltered, Premium Quality. Never watered down or diluted, just 100% pure Cannabis Oil extracted from top quality marijuana strains grown in California. No Butane, No Alcohol, No Glycol, No Glycerin, and No Fillers.

Each cartridge contains 1000mg (1 gram) of premium cannabis oil in a thread vape pen cartridge.

We have been reluctant to offer vape pen cartridges online due to the high failure rate of the poor quality cartridges commonly being used.

Therefore, the new and improved cartridges offered here are premium quality, however, even with these improvements, there is still about a 1% defect rate

 We DO NOT offer returns for defective vape cartridges.

Also, the clear part of the POP cartridges is made from Pyrex glass. Hence, you can CAREFULLY heat it with a lighter or a hair dryer (safer method) to help the oil gather at the base of the cartridge. So, be sure to hold the cartridge upright as shown in the picture above. Thus, the oil gathers at the base of the cartridge when carefully heated.

Also, We fully believe in the medicinal properties of THC and CBD and the many ways they can benefit a person’s health. We hope to improve lives by providing pure, unaltered CO2 extracted cannabis oil high in THC, CBD, and natural terpenes.

Also, POP Naturals Cannabis Oil . POP Naturals makes premium CO2 hash oil available in both high THC and high CBD versions. This is clean and strong hash oil that comes in a syringe for easy application. The CO2 process forgoes the use of butane during extraction, but still creates a concentrate with nearly zero vegetative content. Also, he specific process POP Naturals uses reconstitutes the original plant terpenes for a perfect taste and experience to go along with such clean oil.Also, these products can be very strong, so the recommended use is for consistent and debilitating pain or inflammation.
Available in 1g sealed syringes with a special slim attachment to assist with disbursement:

- Durban Poison (Sativa).....THC 46.78% : CBD 2.19%
- Blackberry Kush (Indica).....THC 54.06% : CBD 0.29%
- Bubba's Gift (Indica).....THC 51.04% : CBD 3.17%
- Canna-Tsu (High CBD).....THC 26.11% : CBD 27.98%
- Harle-Tsu (Super CBD).....THC 7.46% : CBD 53.53%
- Pine-Tsu (Super CBD).....THC 1.99% : CBD 61.55%
- ACDC (Super CBD).....THC 3.07% : CBD 54.60%

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