Purple Space Cookies




Purple Space Cookies


Purple space cookies is a mysterious yet apparently lovable strain from the legendary Girl Scout Cookies family. There is little information about this flower floating around, but there seem to be two distinct versions of Purple Space in circulation.

The first is a sativa-dominant cross between Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies born and bred in British Columbia. This bud features an alert yet relaxed hybrid high that’s perfect for afternoon consumption.

The second cross is more fitting to the Purple Space name and is a mixture of Purple Kush, Space Queen, and Girl Scout Cookies. This latter version is indica-dominant, though this strain is not one to leave you glued to the couch. Rather, like the BC version, indica-dominant this strain offers a calm vibe and an upbeat, euphoric high.

Both versions are said to TESTIMONIALS a sweet, grape-like aroma and dense, top-shelf worthy buds. Purple Space flowers often feature beautiful purple and sage green coloration. Potent, these buds are known for their thick coat of white trichomes and a THC content of 20 percent and above.


Purple Space Cookies is a potent strain that should be used by more experienced weed aficionados or users with higher tolerance to THC. This premium bud — born and bred in British Columbia — is becoming more and more recognizable among marijuana users. You can benefit from its well-balanced effects both during the day and in the early evening. If you like feeling relaxed and sociable at the same time (and can handle a potent dose of THC) Purple Space Cookies will be your best bet. And if you cannot find it in any of your local weed dispensaries in Canada, worry not because we’ve got you covered.

Flavours: Sweet, Grape, Pungent
Medical Use: Depression, Lack of Appetite, Stress, Nausea

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